April (apunknamedapril) wrote in doodlesontherun,

Anyone here?

Girls. Damnit. Our community is pathetic. How about less time having a life and more time updating, huh?


I added some interests. Updated our colors. Now all we need is some pictures with the Maggie's wonderful face in them. What? Is that Wal*Mart calling our names? Why yes. Yes I do believe so.

Erin Doodle & Maggie Doodle
I hope you guys are having a blast and are burnt to a crispy crisp. Come home soon. I missy you.

Emma Doodle
I hope your spring break is going fantastico! I hope you are spending some spectacular time with the Will. I hope you and your mommy are getting along well too. See you sometime.

Ok. Bye Girls.

We shall have a big doodle event tuesday perhaps? Once they get back....if you need a ride Emma....let me know.

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i was reading our journal recently and i noticed that too, i think the last post was like back back back in who knows when. i say walmart is calling us, and i say jessica mcclintok is calling us, and i say maybe we can all go introduce the ester short complete with picnic basket and subway to our maggie. i promise!
anyways, aperil, hows your spring break? i bet it's been good good good, and you paly with the mike? i hope so.